Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aidan’s birthday & playing in the snow

Aidan wants to say “Thank you!” to all his grandparents for the gifts he received in the mail. We wish that you all could have been here to enjoy the looks on his face after he opened each one! He loves every single one & often can’t decide which he would rather play with first. They usually all end up scattered around the house until clean-up time.
Aidan would live outside if we let him. He begs us to go sledding, or to play in the snow at the first sign of snowflakes. He'll even bring his 'outside' toys to do some digging & shoveling if he can't find any icicles, sticks, or rocks.

1 comment:

  1. Get this boy a sled! He's just like Syd. She spent days out in the snow when we got tons in Dec. Some of the decons in our ward came to sled/ski down our hill. Syd even tried to snowboard and now wants one of her own.