Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to our blog!

We'd like to share 2 main reasons for starting this blog:

1) One more item to check off my 'to do' list - after sitting on the list for far too long!
2) Our big announcement...Aidan is going to be a big brother! I'm due on August 3rd, and we find out the gender of the baby on March 16th. We wanted to make sure Aidan was independent enough before having another baby, because I was really sick when I was pregnant with Aidan. I'm so glad we waited, because I'm extremely sick, and Aidan is an angel; getting his own breakfast and lunch, and playing quietly by himself. Our new project is our garage and attic that have become rearranged, unpacked & repacked with getting all the maternity and baby stuff ready. We are so excited to welcome another little addition to our family!

Here's a summary of what we've been doing lately. This will especially be helpful for those with whom we haven't spoken to in over a year - sorry! After Tashi graduated from law school back in May 2007, he decided to pursue his Masters in Tax Law at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. We moved out to Maryland in August 2007 for Tashi to start the intensive 9 month condensed program. He graduated in May 2008, and is glad that after 8 years of school, he is finally done! He started working part-time with a technology company during his last semester, and they offered him a job, which started full-time in August 2008. After passing the Maryland bar exam in July, he became Associate General Counsel for the company. This basically means that he is one of the company's in-house corporate attorneys. He mainly works in business & contractual law, which is what he wanted to do coming out of law school. His office is about 10 miles NW of downtown DC, so occasionally after work he'll catch up with Aidan & me when we're downtown sightseeing, or at the zoo.

Our son, Aidan is almost 4 yrs old. He loves going to Joy School (pre-school), playing with airplanes & cars, and playing outside - especially in the snow. We live 1/2 block from a lake, so it's one of our favorite places to go walk around. When it's warm, we love to play at the sand volleyball court at the lake. Aidan is such a great helper & does his chores when asked, but I wonder how long it'll last? ;-)

We love living close to our nation's capital! There is so much history to see. Aidan loves going to the National Zoo, Smithsonian museums & of course loves visiting all the monuments. At least every couple days, Aidan asks, "Can we go the zoo, or dinosaur museum (Natural History Smithsonian)?" We go to these two the most often, as well as the Air & Space Smithsonian. Any time we drive by downtown, Aidan is usually the first to point out, "There's the Washington monument!" This is usually followed by, "Can we go visit George Washington's house & see the soldiers again?" He has only been to Mount Vernon twice, but he remembers the soldiers parading around the lawn of the famous manor home.

I have the wonderful opportunity to teach Aidan's Joy School once a month. I rotate teaching with the other 3 moms. It's an online program for home based schools that has everything we need to teach: all the lessons, handouts, songs, etc. Aidan's school days are 2 1/2 hrs long & meets twice a week. During my 3 week break from teaching, all I have to do is drop Aidan off at another mom's house for school, allowing me some alone time!

Tashi & I have been playing on co-ed volleyball teams for the last few years & still love playing together. I'm taking a break until after the baby's born, but Tashi continues to play volleyball & basketball every week. I continue my yoga & Pilates, even though it has to be modified for my changing stomach muscles. :)

We miss seeing so many of our family & friends. If you would like to visit the DC area, you are more than welcome to stay at our house for your visit. The best time to visit is in the spring or fall when it's not so humid!

My goal is to keep this blog somewhat up to date. I put off this blog so long, partly because I'm terrible at taking pics & journaling regularly, so we'll see how this goes. :) Thanks for visiting!


  1. Good to see you guys, even if it is just a picture. Glad you see you're doing well.

  2. Congrats on baby #2! I had no idea that you were living in Washington D.C. We are still in Provo, but Jeff is graduating in May and then hopefully we will be moving soon. We have a blog I'm glad that you are doing well and hopefully you aren't sick for too much longer! Thanks for the update Holli!

  3. Holli, it's good to hear what you guys are up to. It sounds like you guys are busy and having fun out there. It must be so nice to finally be done with school. We still have a little ways to go. Congratulations on another baby. I bet Aidan will be a big helper. Our blog is I'm not that good at keeping it up to date though.

  4. cousin neil, says hi and great to hear from you guys. wow the last time i ran into tashi was when he came into phx and stayed w/ mike and chia w/ his car full of his entire life. and i was going thru my divorce. well i remarried as you know and that was 6.5 yrs ago. we now have 7 yes 7 kids. mine; alyx 15 and derek 13, caran's; arron 13 and daniel 11 and ours; nick 6, cierra 4, and rachel 3. and one dog; ruger. chase laid me off back in sept 08. i had a couple of jobs but i left both due to the unethical business practices of both owners (disappointing as both were priesthood holders). so am looking for work but keeping busy doing my scouting. love to all; neil, caran and fam.

  5. Hey you guys! It was great to see your comment. I was wondering when you'd get a blog. Seems like everyone has one these days. Wow Maryland! We are on the Oregon coast. So way opposite from each other. Congrats on the pregnancy. So jealous you get to see and explore all the great attractions in D.C. Hopefully one day we will get to see them all for ourselves. Take care, Lea

  6. Hey Tashi! It's your catering buddy Becca. Anyways, it's great to see a picture of your family and your adorable son. Congrats on your new addition to the family. Two kids are great. I'm glad that Aiden is such a help to Holli. I get really sick during the pregnancy also, so it's nice to have a child who can help himself. Check out our blog at